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Welcome to the Linux resource.

In these pages, we hope that you will find something of interest to you whether you are just browsing, a linux newbie in search of help, or an experienced professional (if you are, please drop us a line using our feedback form and let us know if there are any mistakes.)

Part the first - here you will find a record of my earliest experiences of trying to install Linux. It is a narrative and has a few helpful hints.

Part the second - still to be completed. This is a more technical "howto" set up a basic system as a desktop and with some server services including an email server, web server and sharing printers with Windows based PC's in a network. Included is an example of how to set up dynamic IP if you have a non-fixed IP address.

Part the third - this is a description and "howto" upgrade Red Hat linux from version 7.3 to version 8.

Part the fourth - how to set up a multiple boot system, this one has Windows 98 and Red Hat Linux version 9.

We hope that you will find something of value to you and in return we hope that you will share your experience with us.