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Beetroot Soup - BortschA quick and easy recipe to make a delicious clear beetroot soup that can be served hot or cold.beetroot, bortsch, soup, beef, meat, ,
Rougan JoshA traditional meat curry of lamb or beef with a delicious spicy, thick and not too hot sauce.lamb, beef, curry, oriental, meat, ,
Minced Meat (Keema) CurryA spicy, quick and very economical curry using minced beef or lamb. A low calorie, diet recipe is also suggested.beef, lamb, curry, meat, indian, oriental,
Vietnamese Beef SoupPho. A traditional Vietnamese Beef Soup, easy to make and delicious.beef, soup, vietnamese, oriental, lowfat, ,
Stir Fried Beef with OnionsA slightly spicy stir fry of beef and onions in the Chinese style, quick to prepare.beef, meat, chinese, oriental, , ,
Meatballs StroganoffAn easy to make meatball and pasta dish with lots of flavour and economical too!beef, meat, pasta, , , ,
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