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Aromatic Carrot CakeA sweet, crumbly but not dry carrot cake recipe that is aromatic and has the delicate flavour of carrots and nuts. An ideal tea-time temptation!cake, carrot, vegetable, vegetarian, , ,
Orange Flavoured CookiesThese orange flavoured cookies are light and slightly crispy with a strong hint of orange and a little cardamom that enhances the orange flavour.cookie, orange, cake, , , ,
English Tavern CookiesThis recipe is a traditional, delicate cookie from the USA. It is quite unlike the large, brash, 'cartwheels' you see at shopping centre or mall cookie outlets.cake, cookie, , , , ,
Syrup Topped Pumpkin CakeA delicately orange flavoured pumpkin cake topped with syrup. Ideal for afternoon tea or as a desert!cake, pumpkin, squash, , , ,
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