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Beetroot CurryA Subtle Velvet Beetroot Delectation, Sweet, slightly spicy and smooth on the palatebeetroot, curry, vegetable, vegetarian, indian, oriental,
Chicken, Chick Pea and Red Pepper CurryA spicy combination of chicken, Chick Peas and Red Pepper make a tasty curry main course dish.chicken, chick pea, red pepper, curry, pulse, indian, oriental
Sweet Carrot DessertCarrots, milk and sugar combine in an unlikely combination to make this sweet carrot dessert. Based on a traditional Indian recipe it is suitable dessert for curry or other main meals.carrot, dessert, vegetable, vegetarian, indian, oriental,
Simple Chicken CurryThis light and tasty curry is easy to prepare and uses commonly available ingredients. It is quite low in calories and combines vegetables in the same dish.chicken, curry, indian, oriental, , ,
Minced Meat (Keema) CurryA spicy, quick and very economical curry using minced beef or lamb. A low calorie, diet recipe is also suggested.beef, lamb, curry, meat, indian, oriental,
Chicken and Lentil CurryA Quick and Easy Korma Style Chicken Indian curry recipe.chicken, curry, meat, indian, oriental, pulse,
Cabbage and Carrot CurryA spicy vegetable side dish of carrots and cabbage to accompany many Indian meals.carrot, cabbage, vegetable, vegetarian, indian, oriental,
Aviyal - Vegetables and CoconutA traditional Southern Indian vegetarian dish of vegeatables and coconut. This recipe is intended to be served as a side dish accompanying a more substantial dish and rice as a main course.oriental, curry, vegetarian, vegetable, indian, ,
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