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Beetroot Soup - BortschA quick and easy recipe to make a delicious clear beetroot soup that can be served hot or cold.beetroot, bortsch, soup, beef, meat, ,
Carrot SoupA traditional basic carrot soup recipe that is fairly low calorie, low fat and has a satisfying texture and is full of flavour.carrot, soup, vegetable, vegetarian, lowfat, starter,
Carrot and Coriander SoupAnother variation of this ever popular soup recipe that is slightly spicy and has all the healthy goodness of the basic carrot soup.carrot, soup, coriander, vegetable, vegetarian, starter, lowfat
Vietnamese Beef SoupPho. A traditional Vietnamese Beef Soup, easy to make and delicious.beef, soup, vietnamese, oriental, lowfat, ,
Spicy Pumpkin SoupA spicy combination of butternut, carrot and onion are the main ingredients of this quick and easily made soup.soup, pumpkin, squash, vegetable, vegetarian, carrot,
Vegetable soup RecipesWays to make a variety of autumn vegetable soups that are wholesome, vegetarian, tasty, economical and very low in calories.soup, vegetable, vegetarian, lowfat, , ,
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