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Cooking and Preserving BeetrootTraditional Ways to Cook and Pickle this much neglected Vegetablebeetroot, vegetable, pickle, vegetarian, preserve, ,
Beetroot CurryA Subtle Velvet Beetroot Delectation, Sweet, slightly spicy and smooth on the palatebeetroot, curry, vegetable, vegetarian, indian, oriental,
Beetroot ChutneyThis recipe makes a pleasant, sweet and fruity beetroot chutney ideal for eating with cold meats and salads.beetroot, chutney, preserve, vegetable, vegetarian, ,
Beetroot and Orange SaladBeetroot, orange and a light vinaigrette combine together to make this unusual salad side dish.beetroot, salad, orange, vegetarian, vegetable, ,
Spiced Green Beans with Cashew nutsA hot and spicy green bean bean vegetarian dish to serve as an accompaniment with many oriental and curry bean, cashew nut, curry, vegetable, vegetarian, oriental,
Spicy Carrot RelishCarrot and Peanuts combine in this free recipe to form a simply made but delicious combination that can be served warm or cold.carrot, peanut, relish, pickle, vegetable, vegetarian,
Sweet Carrot DessertCarrots, milk and sugar combine in an unlikely combination to make this sweet carrot dessert. Based on a traditional Indian recipe it is suitable dessert for curry or other main meals.carrot, dessert, vegetable, vegetarian, indian, oriental,
Aromatic Carrot CakeA sweet, crumbly but not dry carrot cake recipe that is aromatic and has the delicate flavour of carrots and nuts. An ideal tea-time temptation!cake, carrot, vegetable, vegetarian, , ,
Carrot SoupA traditional basic carrot soup recipe that is fairly low calorie, low fat and has a satisfying texture and is full of flavour.carrot, soup, vegetable, vegetarian, lowfat, starter,
Carrot and Coriander SoupAnother variation of this ever popular soup recipe that is slightly spicy and has all the healthy goodness of the basic carrot soup.carrot, soup, coriander, vegetable, vegetarian, starter, lowfat
Spicy Potato SaladThis easily made potato salad is a great way to use up all those small "marbles". A cool refreshing and tasty addition to any salad meal or served with curries as a side dish.potato, salad, vegetable, vegetarian, curry, ,
Chinese Stir Fried VegetablesThis delicious stir fried vegetable recipe will help you lose weight as a main course or can be served as a side dish in a larger banquet.vegetable, vegetarian, chinese, oriental, lowfat, ,
Red Cabbage in the Pickling StyleThis is a family favourite way of cooking Red Cabbage. Quick and easy to make, the flavour is reminiscent of Sweet and Sour vegetable dishes.cabbage, vegetable, pickle, , , ,
Cabbage and Carrot CurryA spicy vegetable side dish of carrots and cabbage to accompany many Indian meals.carrot, cabbage, vegetable, vegetarian, indian, oriental,
Singaporean NoodlesBoth a vegetarian and meaty version of this favourite Asian noodle dish is given here.pasta, oriental, chinese, vegetable, vegetarian, meat, onepot
Fried Green Pepper StarterA Majorcan green pepper starter or side dish that is quick and tasty.greenpepper, vegetable, vegetarian, , , ,
Spicy Pumpkin SoupA spicy combination of butternut, carrot and onion are the main ingredients of this quick and easily made soup.soup, pumpkin, squash, vegetable, vegetarian, carrot,
Vegetable soup RecipesWays to make a variety of autumn vegetable soups that are wholesome, vegetarian, tasty, economical and very low in calories.soup, vegetable, vegetarian, lowfat, , ,
Aviyal - Vegetables and CoconutA traditional Southern Indian vegetarian dish of vegeatables and coconut. This recipe is intended to be served as a side dish accompanying a more substantial dish and rice as a main course.oriental, curry, vegetarian, vegetable, indian, ,
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