About oliver1.co.uk/food

At oliver1.co.uk we are passionate about food, in particular vegetables. We do eat meat but cannot grow it, we do not have the space, but we do have a standard 10 pole allottment where we attempt to grow a wide variety of fruit and vegetables . We aim to be as self sufficient in vegetables as possible for most of the year and also to as far as possible to use only the produce that is in season at any time. We also grow some produce in our garden, particularly when we are experimenting or growing for show.

We also have a small greenhouse where we attempt, often successfully, to grow such things as tomatoes, chillis and peppers that are not really suited to the UK outdoor climate.

We are not completely organic and do use “safe” sprays from time to time when there would see to be no alternative.

As we now have much more time to devote to “spreading the word”, we have started this blog with the intention of passing on our experiences in the form of recipes, growing tips and, most important, how to store any surplus of vegetables as efficiently as possible.

We hope that you find these pages useful and look forward to hearing any comments and suggestions that you have.