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Courgette Recipes

Two free recipes for courgette dishes that are easy to make and will complement any summer dish.

Autumn Sown Onion Sets

Our experience of growing autumn sown onion sets, the methods used, the hazards and the excellent results.

Apple and Beetroot Salad

At this time of year (mid October), we always seem to have a surplus of both apples and beetroot, particularly cooking apples. This recipe aims to use up some of this surplus in the form of a tasty starter dish that is both healthy and vegetarian. It can be made quickly and easily just before […]

The Benefits of Beetroot

Beetroot: How to cook it, grow it, store it, preserve it and if I could I would tell you how to eat it as well! Links to traditional and some new recipes are also given.

Beans – Runner, Dwarf & French Climbing

The bean glut is here! Hints on growing and store your beans.