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Using Left Over Beans (Green Beans and Garlic Butter)

This recipe is a tasty way to use up those left over green or runner beans or it can be made with fresh beans, just boil or steam them quickly beforehand. We quite often mis-judge how many beans will be needed for a main meal and this is a good way to make sure nothing […]

Beans – Runner, Dwarf & French Climbing

The bean glut is here! Hints on growing and store your beans.

Tarka Dhal

A traditional Indian spiced lentil based dish.

Kuttu – Curried Vegetables with Lentils

An easily cooked vegetarian curry dish with lentils.

Aviyal – Vegetables & Coconut

A recipe for Aviyal, an unusual oriental vegetarian delight based on vegetables and coconut.

Welcome to the food blog

The objectives of this blog are explained.