Welcome to the oliver1.co.uk food blog

Welcome! We hope that you find these pages useful.

These pages are intended as a resource for everyone who enjoys good food, growing vegetables and developing their skills. Many more people are “growing their own” even if they only have a small garden and we hope that we will be able to pass on our knowledge and experiences, good and bad, for the benefit of all.

We will be presenting recipes, particularly those that use home grown produce and will attempt to present them in the season that they will be abundant. Occasionally we will pass on a recipe that uses some more exotic ingredients when we have found it particularly tasty. Some of the recipes and techniques will be presented as “under development” and we hope that your feedback will help us bring them to fruition. You can send us a message using the comment facility in each page. Bouquets and brickbats equally welcome when deserved!

Our philosophy:

  • We are not wholly organic.
  • We will occasionally use “safe” sprays to help control disease and infestation but will use them as sparingly and infrequently as possible.
  • We will only use chemical fertiliser (e.g. Growmore) if really necessary.
  • We will attempt to improve our (heavy clay) soil as much as possible using compost and manure.
  • We will grow as much as possible from seed, i.e. not purchase ready grown plants from garden centres.
  • We will use cloches and other protection to extend the seasons as far as possible.

We hope that you will enjoy following us on our journey,


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