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Cheats Borscht (Easy Beetroot Soup)

We already have one recipe for Borscht (beetroot soup) on this site and you can find it here. This recipe is very similar but has a slightly different flavour and uses a canned beef consomme instead of stock or stock cubes (yes, you can use Oxo if you really need to) and also can be […]

Courgette Recipes

Two free recipes for courgette dishes that are easy to make and will complement any summer dish.

Apple and Beetroot Salad

At this time of year (mid October), we always seem to have a surplus of both apples and beetroot, particularly cooking apples. This recipe aims to use up some of this surplus in the form of a tasty starter dish that is both healthy and vegetarian. It can be made quickly and easily just before […]

The Benefits of Beetroot

Beetroot: How to cook it, grow it, store it, preserve it and if I could I would tell you how to eat it as well! Links to traditional and some new recipes are also given.

Green Tomato Chutney

At this time of year we usually have a fairly large number of green tomatoes left either in the greenhouse or on plants that have been grown outside. This year we grew a variety called “Tigerella” and we seem to have more than usual unripe fruit and so have decided to make green tomato chutney […]

Using Left Over Beans (Green Beans and Garlic Butter)

This recipe is a tasty way to use up those left over green or runner beans or it can be made with fresh beans, just boil or steam them quickly beforehand. We quite often mis-judge how many beans will be needed for a main meal and this is a good way to make sure nothing […]